Friday, May 6, 2011

Hop on the Auggie Train

A few years ago, I got the awesome opportunity to work on a design for the lightrail train wrap to market Augsburg College. I worked the project collaboratively with the Creative Director and it was one of my most memorable creative experiences for a couple of reasons.

1) What is cooler than having creative control of a 90 ft. long train?
I so appreciated that my colleague and I were trusted with such a huge, important branding and identity project. In fact, the college had given a branding firm a shot at the design first and then decided that the project should come in-house. And we knocked it out of the park!

2) The only thing cooler is working on a fun project with a great partner!
We truly do our best design when working collaboratively, and honestly, it's the most exciting way to work. When you tackle projects in teams not only do you have double the creative power, you also have the support you need to be innovative. Trust in your colleagues enables you to push the limits of your creativity.

I will never forget the satisfaction and sense of accomplishment I felt when I saw the Auggie Train roll into the station for the very first time. We held our breath as it came to a stop and we got our first close look and then with a sigh, thought "Wow, that's one big Auggie."

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