Monday, June 13, 2011

It's Wedding Season!

I have another wedding invitation that I have been dying to share. I got my hard copy in the mail this weekend, so I think it's safe to do a post. Here it is (with some blurring to protect the identity of the innocent :) — No, we just don't want any wedding crashers at what is sure to be a fantastic day!

This invitation was so fun to work on because the Erin (the bride) is a close friend, and she is on the opposite end of the spectrum from a Bridezilla—honestly, nothing has gone to this girl's head. 
You might notice the art from this post. I like to reuse and repurpose designs and when Erin mentioned that she was going to use purple wildflowers for her bouquet, I thought immediately of the design from the Spring Social, so I thought, why not?

I even got to do a Spanish version of this invite because the groom is from Venezuela. I've done multiple versions before and it is a great perk of printing your own invites. Read more about the process here.

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