Friday, December 19, 2014

Neighborhood Group Newsletter Redesign

This fall I had the opportunity to work with the Field, Regina, Northrup Neighborhood Group to redesign their bi-monthly newsletter, "Close to Home." It was great working with Chris, the group's Communication Committee Chair, especially because he found a new printer that allowed us to redesign in full color at a low price!

First, I reworked the group's logo so that it was easier to read and was a better shape for multiple uses (print, large yard signs, website, etc.):

With the logo refreshed, it was time to tackle the 12-page newsletter. Here's the BEFORE:

Using the FRNNG's signature green, some highlight colors chosen by Chris, and full color photos I was able to give the new design an updated look. The "Close to Home" title remained mostly unchanged in order to maintain consistency for readers, and the neighborhood art was recycled on the back mailing panel to honor the tradition of the publication.  Below is the AFTER:

Because the group doesn't always have many photos to work with, color and interest were added by using blocks of color to call attention to particular stories.  Fonts and headlines were also updated and better organized to help readers navigate the large newsletter.  In addition, the mailing panel was refined with the back panel being used to advertise specific stories inside the issue.

I loved working on this project not only because I love a good "before and after" but also because it allowed me to work creatively with a collaborative client.

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