Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Studio Art Portfolio

I've been digging back into my old art projects recently, and it has been fun to see what I was busy with a few years ago. It also makes me a bit sad that I don't have time to do this type of work now. After an eight hour day trying to be creative on the computer, I just don't have the brain power to paint a watercolor. Hopefully after I finish my psychology classes I will be able to use some of my free time to get back at it!

A piece of work, like a good song, can bring back some great memories:

Eggs was one of my first projects for a drawing class freshman year of college. I was encouraged to enter the piece in the Student Juried Art Show and it got in. It was so exciting to get recognition as a freshman. This piece now hangs in my mom's sewing room, and every time I see it I chuckle because it's just a drawing of eggs.

This is another favorite. This was my last drawing for a life drawing class I took the summer after my sophomore year.  I felt like this was the first time I really "got" how to draw a face.  Of course, I don't think I could do one now since I am so out of practice, but it feels good to know that I was capable of this. I call this guy Captain because he reminds me of Captain Hook, and he might just have a hook for his right hand—you never know!

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