Friday, October 7, 2011


In 2007, I was asked to design a dinosaur for the Diggin' Dinos Citywide Summer Celebration to Honor 100 Years of the Science Museum of Minnesota. My dino was sponsored by Augsburg and lived in Murphy Square located in the center of campus for the summer. Murphy Square, the oldest park in Minneapolis, was also turning 100 that year, and the park and surrounding community became my theme. You can read more about the Auggiesaurus here.

Creating this dino was the most unique experience I have ever had! It was also a TON of work.  I even made a small model of the dino where I drew out where everything would go before I went to the "paint-off" at the River Center in St. Paul. I spent a few days working on him, and it was rewarding to work side by side with other local artists and their dinos. We all started from the same mold, but it was surprising to see how different they all looked in the end.

That fall, Auggiesaurus was auctioned off with the other dinos and taken away from Augsburg and Murphy Square.  A year or two later my dad saw a green dino on the banks of the Mississippi during a kayaking trip near our home. He couldn't quite tell if it was Auggiesaurus, but I like to believe he has a new home overlooking the great Mississippi.

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